Tank transports

Tank transports? Gaseous or liquid? No problem either.

With our 120 state-of-the-art tank containers and tank semitrailers, we offer tailor-made solutions for the transport of LNG and Ethylene. We prefer to use the environmentally friendly combined transport. The advantage for you are short reaction times, as well as smooth and predictable processes while we supplying your locations.

  • 120
  • Short response times
  • Safety

Overview of services

  • 120 tank containers & tank semitrailers
  • Temperature maintenance for at least 100 days
  • Approved for the transportation of LNG & Ethylene
  • Flexible delivery quantities
  • Capacity 45,600 l to 59,000 l
  • Max. Payload 18.5 to - 23.6 to
  • GPS telematics tracking
  • Trained drivers
  • Stand-by-solutions as buffer stock