Responsibility is not something you assume. It is something you have.

As a logistics company, we feel that we have a special responsibility to the environment. This is why we use every feasible opportunity to prevent or reduce stress on the environment. We are integrating sustainable principles not just into intermodal transport, but into our management processes and our entire value chain as well.

An overview of the most important facts

  • Intermodal transport creates 70% less CO2 emissions
  • State-of-the-art road fleet: environmentally friendly engines, energy-saving tyres
  • Generation of power through a photovoltaic system and block heat and power plant
  • Cooperative partnership with suppliers, service providers and customers for environmentally friendly logistics processes


CO2 Comparsion

36,000,000 kg CO2 savings
that is equal to
3.82 million mobile phones in service per month = all of Berlin
51.4 million washing machine cycles at 40 degrees Celsius
131 million hair washes
51.4 million cups of coffee
9,300 times Berlin -> New York/round-trip flight in economy class
514,000 train trips from Hamburg to Munich
The entire population of Munich travelling once to Hamburg by train
3.82 million mobile phones in service per month = all of Berlin