The advantages of combined road/rail transport

Combined transport is used in order to make optimal use of the strengths of different transport operators. Rail's strengths are in the transportation of large quantities of goods over long distances with a high degree of transport security. Road is considered for flexible, local distribution of goods.

Today, combined transport is a generally recognised means of reducing the environmental impact and relieving the road and motorway network.

This effective combination of different transport operators lets us meet the requirements of our customers regarding sustainability and competition.

The performance range and advantages of combined transport:

  • 4 tonne additional payload up to 28.5 tonnes dry goods and 26 tonnes for temperature-controlled loads
  • Optimal linking of trucks and rail
  • Cost efficient, as less dependent on tolls and fuel costs
  • Fixed running times
  • High degree of transport security by rail
  • Relieves the roads and significantly reduces CO2
  • Daily national and international full-train or wagon-group transport
  • Transport times, optimal flexibility

>> Transferring from road to rail is only possible if the most important factors of influence, such as transport price, transport time and transport quality are taken into account! <<Carsten Hemme, CEO, Paneuropa-Rösch GmbH


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