People at the forefront

Daily communication with our customers, a sympathetic ear for employees and service partners, and dialogue between our respective departments and their suppliers are the basis for the continuous development of our processes.

Individual support programs and training (such as language courses, IT training and others), as well as the regular training and further education of all our employees allows our work to meet process and customer requirements.

Our employees are actively included in the daily process cycles and are enthusiastic about innovations, sustainable concepts and behaviour. Our DP systems, individually tailored to each workstation, allow schedulers to be proactive and also facilitate working that is to the greatest possible extent stress free. All employees take part in behaviour-based safety training at least once every two years as a preventative safety measure.

Adherence to the social provisions of road transport is checked each month, and any discrepancies are discussed with the relevant employees and clarified. Positive behaviour and economic savings are rewarded through bonuses.

We set great store by our social standards and in most cases far exceed those that are legally prescribed or set as standard by the industry.

Die Einhaltung der Sozialvorschriften für den Straßenverkehr werden monatlich überprüft und eventuelle Abweichungen werden mit den entsprechenden Mitarbeitern besprochen und aufgeklärt.

>> The opportunity for young fathers to easily switch from long-distance transport to local runs has prevented employee turnover and reflects our concept of a family-friendly workplace. <<

Eric Weyand, Agent for Hazardous Goods, Paneuropa Köln