The continuous growth in transport and the associated risks and burdens for nature and the environment, increasing competition and changing market conditions, such as increasing tolls, volatile and increasing fuel costs, an intensification of social provisions and legal conditions make the search for future-proof concepts indispensable.

We must integrate sustainable principles in our management processes and our whole value creation chain. In doing so, it is important to actively include our employees, business partners and contact persons for social issues, and to fill them with enthusiasm for sustainability.

At Paneuropa, ecological optimization and the thrifty use of resources are elementary points of our corporate philosophy. The results of our work confirm that future-proof and environmentally-friendly logistical procedures can be achieved when exploiting every opportunity within the company in collaboration with suppliers, service providers and customers, and through the optimal use of respective transport operators.

Using our corporate publications, we would like make people aware of our activities and successes, and motivate other companies to also focus their processes on holistic logistics and management processes.