Paneuropa received the award "Fit für den Klimawandel" in 2012


The projects „Notwendige Klimaanpassungsstrategien einer nachhaltigen und zukunftsorientierten Logistik“ and „Energie der Zukunft“ are the winning projects of the climatic change competition „Fit für den Klimawandel“ in 2012. The Paneuropa-Rösch GmbH from Vechta and the Kornkraft Naturkost GmbH from Großenkneten shared the award in the category „UMGESETZTES PROJEKT“ in the competition to develop excelent solutions to adapt to the impacts of climatic change in the metropolitan region Bremen-Oldenburg.

Paneuropa-Rösch GmbH becomes industry partner in the "Nordwest2050" project

The aim of the nordwest2050 research project is to develop, along with economic, political and social participants, a long-term schedule for climate-change adaptation for the metropolitan region of Bremen-Oldenburg in the north-west of Germany. As a chosen partner, we will attempt to develop strategies and opportunities with the other participants that allow adaptation to changing conditions up until 2050. Several challenges associated with climate change can be identified for the economy: extreme events can impair companies' operating procedures and thus put their market position at risk. Paneuropa is supporting this 5-year project through a team of three people.


Paneuropa received the award "preis umwelt unternehmen: Nordwest" in the category transport


On february, 16, 2010 the Paneuropa-Rösch GmbH from Vechta received the award "preis umwelt unternehmen: Nordwest" in the category transport. The project „Intermodale Kühlverkehre als ökomomisch-ökologische Transportlösung“ can stay beyond the competitos as innovative and enviromental-friendly. According to the jury, important is the displacement of the transport from road to rail. This is for good transport andenviromental policy. The project for the award offer a good, innovative and economic solution on a high technical level for freezer transportation and intermodal transportation.